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with linchlgs to al qaeda may have been involved in the attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya. the september 11 attacks on the consulate in benghazi claimed the lives of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other u.s. personnel. the attack came as muslim protested a u.s.-made film which they say insults the prophet muhammed. white house press secretary jay carney said the fbi investigation is ongoing. he said the investigators have no information at this point that suggests that the attack was significantly preplanned. carney said that investigators are now looking into al qaeda affiliates, in particular the group known as al qaeda in the islamic magreg. >>> the conflict of interest in syria is causing more human suffering and civilian casualties. opposition activists say 55 people were killed in an explosion at a gas station triggered by a government air strike. amateur video shows the site in the northern city near the turkish border. people are suffering from a serious shortage of daily goods and were lined up at the station to buy fuel. a day earlier, rebel fighters had seized a location
to close on tuesday. >>> japan's foreign minister and the u.s. defense secretary have been discussing how to defuse the tension between japan and china. gemba and leon panetta met on monday. he said they plan to solve the problems calmly based on a broad perspective. >> translator: we agree that japan and the u.s. will work together to prevent relations from worsening. >> panetta met later in the day with japan's defense minister. panetta told reporters that tokyo and washington agreed the disputed islands are covered by the u.s.-japan treaty. he said the u.s. will not take sides and urged both countries to act with restraint. >> the united states as a matter of policy does not take position with regards to competing sovereignty claims. it's important that diplomatic means on both sides be used to try to constructively resolve these issues. >> japanese business people in china have looked out of their pla plants. they don't like what they see. what's the view from the fact y factori factories. >> some are seeing protesters and they are pulling down their shutters as protesters turn nasty
-- a silent protest against an anti-islamic film from the u.s. spread across the middle east. the white house says it's doing all it can to protect american personnel. >> and they won on the ground for syria's new international peace broker as he arrives for his first official talks. >> of the german chancellor teams up with a bunch of football legend's to tell gay soccer para -- tell gay soccer players is ok to come out. >> disgusting and reprehensible -- washington has denounced a low-budget film that has sparked deadly attacks on u.s. missions across the arab world. >> that tension is highest in egypt and libya. the u.s. has sent two warships close to the coast of libya after the american ambassador was killed two days ago. >> there is also violence in to nietzsche, iran, iraq and yemen, where four people have died. >> a mob of protesters stormed the u.s. embassy, pushing through security and torching cars inside the compound. police fired shots and tear gas in an attempt to control the crowd. finally, they managed to force the protestors back. >> we entered the embassy gates and raised th
of the groups members landed on one of the senkakus. >>> the u.s. federal reserve has stepped in again the try to stimulate the economy. the central bankers will get more money circulating through a tool called kwa eed kwau eed qu. >> the employment situation remains a grave concern. while the economy appears to be on a path to moderate recovery, it isn't growing fast enough to make significant progress reducing the unemployment rate. >> the federal reserve announced it after a meeting. bernanke says members wants to see sustained improvement. >> the idea is to help the economy again to grow quickly enough to generate new jobs. >> committee members plan to keep interest rates low until mid 2015. the federal reserve has done this twice before over the past few years. we followed those events as our economic correspondent in our washington bureau. we've been hearing a lot of debate. why did the fed go answer read. >> it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. the numbers released last weeks shows that the u.s. unemployment rate is hovering around 8%. it's around 6% in august 2008. lehman brothers declared
they have not spotted it. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta urged japanese and chinese leaders to act calmly to resolve the dispute. he held talks in beijing with the defense minister. panetta said the united states is concerned about east asian maritime security. >> the point of this is to send a very positive message to all the nations of this region and the world that we intend to establish a relationship that is healthy, stable, and reliable and continuous. >> he says he hopes to resolve the problem through peaceful kie log but japanese leaders are fully responsible for the unrest. >> translator: china is watching the developments very closely. we have the right to take further action. >> chinese state news reported he came out in opposition to comments panetta made in tokyo. the u.s. defense chief said the san can you can you islands lie within the area covered by the security treaty. he added china expects the u.s. to maintain the neutral stance regarding conflicting claims of sovereignty. business leaders in china are responding in different ways. yucat how are business leaders
like a great board. >> and you are authorizing the corporation to file the papers with the i.r.s. in may, 2013. >> so i could get money for my (c) (4), use that for political purposes, and nobody knows anything about it till six months after the election? >> that's right. and even then, they won't -- >> that -- >> -- know who your donors are. >> that's my kind of campaign finance restriction. >>> welcome, trevor potter. >> thank you. >> you know that's funny, but it's not a laughing matter by november we'll be drowning in money. this flood just keeps rising. i brought a story in "the financial times." a campaign group backing barack obama is pushing to raise up to $150 million in coming weeks, you know, tit for tat, to counter the republican's financial advantage and an expected advertising blitz for mitt romney. and that just strikes me as an all-out, inescapable arms race. >> in a way, and i know this will sound a little odd that's not entirely a bad outcome for this election. because what -- where we have been is that the republicans have proven they have an enormous advantage
and not in the distant future. >>> u.s. president barack obama challenged world leaders to stand up against violence against americans. he said his government had nothing to do with a film made in the u.s. that ridicules the prophet mohammad. >> i have made it clear the united states had nothing to do with this video. it is an insult to muslims but america as well, that i have witnessed after nearly four years as president. i remain ever hopeful all right world that we live in. the war in iraq is over. american troops have come home. al qaeda's been weakened. and osama bin laden is no more. >> obama took the podium six weeks before the u.s. presidential election. he spent much of his time defending his record on foreign policy. >>> to coincide with the open egg of the general asell blame, british charity has released a video report on children in syria who are suffering from the escalating violence. many syrian children are haunted by the memory of seeing family members killed in front of their eyes. they have observed children becoming overaggressive. some have injured themselves due to severe psyc
>>> obama's resolve. >> make no mistake, justice will be done. >> the u.s. president condemns an attack on an american consulate in libya. barack obama has criticized what he called an outrageous and shocking attack. gunmen stormed the consulate in libya on tuesday. they killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the gunmen fired into the consulate in the city of benghazi. they threw handmade bombs into the compound, sparking fires. demonstrators in inn libya and elsewhere in the middle east have staged protests against a film made in the u.s. protesters say it blasphemes the prophet muhammad. >> the united states condemns in the strongest determines this attack. we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> obama said the attack will not break the bonds between the countries. the president of libya's national assembly apologized at a news conference in tripoli. mohammad garias acknowledged that film insulted the prophet muhammad. still, he said retaliatory attack cannot be tolerated. the film at the heart o
criticized the nationalization of the islands. he said the purchase was a farce. xi urged u.s. leaders not to intervene. the islands fall under the scope of the security treaty. the treaty should not apply to the territory. a senior u.s. defense official quotes panetta as saying u.s. officials won't take sides. panetta is urging diplomats to keep talking to resolve the issue diplomatically and peacefully. >>> japan's coast guard officials are keeping a close eye on government ships in waters off the senkakus islands. there's no sign of a chinese flotilla. they have spotted 16 chinese patrol ships around the area since tuesday. they are fishing monitoring ships and vessels. at least six of those ships have now left the area. two were cruising near japanese waters on thursday morning. earlier this week, 1,000 fishing boats were heading for the area around the islands. but the coast guard says it hasn't spotted the flotilla. >>> police in ja paz may be looking into hacking. someone tampered with the websites of at least 19 government organizations. officials with the national police agenc
the road ahead would be difficult. it was revealed the u.s. economy added only 96,000 jobs, well below the 125,000 economists had been expecting. the unemployment rate dropped but the weak data played in to the hands of the opposition. >> republican presidential hopeful met romney said the jobs report proves obama's policies have not worked and no president since the great depression has been reelected with unemployment over 7.2%. >> more on the u.s. presidential election in a moment, but first on to the markets and weaker than expected unemployment data which was in focus. many are betting it will prompt further stimulus by the u.s. federal reserve. as a result, european stocks climbing higher ending their biggest weekly rally in three months. conrad sent us this summary from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> bad news from the american labor market's leading to buying stocks on the market. the situation in the labor market is very much linked to the speculation. the news in august, much fewer new jobs were created than economists had anticipated. soon, ben bernanke and the federal rese
people are dead and 28 wounded as protesters attacked the u.s. embassy in the capital tunis. >> the pope brings a message of peace and reconciliation to 11 on, but his visit is also marred by deadly protests. violence is sweeping parts of the mideast in africa as protesters vent their anger over an anti-islam video. now, they are not just aiming their targets at the u.s. >> we go to sudan where thousands of demonstrators stormed the german and british embassies in the capital khartoum. reports says -- say they smashed windows before heading to the u.s. embassy. >> berlin says embassy staff are safe, but there are reports of one death near the u.s. mission. >> we will go live in just a moment, but first, we have this report. >> the violence erupted after friday prayers. an angry crowd stormed the german embassy in khartoum. smoke and flying rocks filled the air. their rage is directed toward germany and the west in general. >> when they insult our beliefs, our religion under the slogan of freedom and democracy, we say to hell with freedom and democracy when it touches religion and faith.
summit that starts on saturday. >>> u.s. president barack obama has made a bid for re-election at the democratic party's national convention in charlotte, north carolina. he told the delegates the vote in november is a choice of a generation, and he called on supporters to join him again. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place, and i'm asking you to choose that future. >> barack obama wrapped up the democratic national convention by asking voters to consider what the election is all about. >> on every issue, the choice you face won't just be between two candidates or two parties. it will be a choice between two different paths for america. >> obama delivered his message to delegates and to millions of americans watching on television. he responded to voters' concerns about the economy, promising 1 million new jobs in manufacturing over the next four years. >> yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together. we don't turn back. we leave no one behind. >>> president obama's message prov
have a big impact on japan's domestic and foreign policy. >>> u.s. marines took to the skies over japan in an aircraft that's been a lightning rod for anger. they're testing the mv-22 osprey. american military leaders plan to station the tilt-rotor transporter in okinawa, but the aircraft has a spotty safety record, so the only place some japanese want it to fly is back to the u.s. the first osprey slowly lifted off from the u.s. marine's iwakuni air station in western japan. the aircraft's rotors pointed upward like those on a helicopter. a number of protesters gathered outside the base. they don't want ospreys flying in the skies above them. they say the aircraft is too dangerous. >> translator: the plane shouldn't be allowed to leave the ground. >> pilots flew the aircraft over water. then they tilted the rotors in a horizontal direction so it could fly like a conventional plane. the maneuver is considered the most hazardous aspect of operating this aircraft. >> translator: i'm frightened by the thought that the aircraft may crash around here. >> translator: i'm fine with test flight
" being made in this p.s.a. is that pain should not be ignored. >> you're not going to disappoint your parents and coaches. you'll actually help them, because if they know there's a problem, potentially, you can look into it and address it before it becomes a bigger problem that they may actually have to pull you out of sports. [ whistle blows ] >> so keep in mind this advice -- don't play through pain. tell your coaches and parents when you're not feeling right, ask to play different positions on the team so you're not always stressing the same parts of your body, and avoid playing the same sport all year round. the idea is not to let a small injury turn into a big problem. for "tkn," i'm scott. >> there's more "teen kids news" coming up next. >> we'll be right back. >> anti-u.s. protests spreading to pakistan and afghanistan as outrage continues over a controversial film mocking islam's prophet muhammad. many of of the attacks targeting u.s. diplomatic posts throughout the muslim world, forcing them to stay on high alert. hundreds of protestors torching buildings in northwest pakista
following a similar steps by the european central bank and the u.s. that it. >> the bank of japan says it will pump extra 120 billion euros into the economy and its asset-buying program. hopes that the move will help to boost japan's recovery which has been slow down by weakening exports. >> the japanese central bank's monetary move helped to boost european markets. our markets correspondent sent us this report from the fink -- from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> japan was often the main driver of the german stock market and the massive bond buying program approved the move. the cheap money should help bring the economy back on track and this is good news for traders. the german dax closed with gains. the fact that the main central banks are providing money as cheap as ever is feeling the fear of inflation. the price of gold is seen as a protection against inflation. the price rose to its highest levels in six months and analysts expect new record highs. >> it's a defeat for investors in porsche who say the car maker lied to them. a german court has recommended porsche paid up over i
for nuclear bombs. they have threatened to attack the site. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton urged caution on iran's nuclear development. >> we believe and we share this common position that iran has a right to the use of peaceful nuclear energy. but iran must abide by its international obligations and -- >> she said iranian leaders cannot be permitted to get a nuclear weapon. >>> clinton has urged southeast asian leaders to work together towards calm in the south china sea. she want them to resolve territorial disputes with china without intimidation or the use of force. clinton is on a tour of southeast asia and china ahead of the asia-pacific economic corporation forum this week in russia. she met with indonesian foreign minister in jakarta. clinton says it's in the u.s. national interest to keep peace in the south china sea. >> we encourage asean and china to make meaningful progress towards finalizing a comprehensive code of conduct in order to establish rules of the road and clear procedures for peacefully addressing disagreements. >> asean members met in july, but disagreeme
of incidents led to his downfall. his former aide temporarily pled to the u.s. consulate in february. officials cited bo for violating party discipline. they suspended him from the post he held in the political bureau. then in july, police charged bo's wife gu kailai and her aide with murdering british businessman neil haywood. a chinese court handed her a suspended death sentence in august. bo's abuse of power allegation is tied to the role he played in the haywood case. >>> making a decision on bo's future frees up chinese leaders to focus on their transition of power. delegates from across the country will convene in beijing to attend november's congress. the meeting happens every five years. delegates to the 18th congress of the chinese communist party are expected to approve new policies. they will also appoint the next generation of party leaders. vice president xi jinping is slated to succeed hu jintao and assume the top post of general secretary of the communist party. analysts are focusing on the appointments and policy decisions that are made under the new leadership. >>> people in no
of the oil fields now being developed by russian oil company s is the size of switzerland. it was first discovered during the soviet era. at that time, there was no way to transport the oil, so it was left untouched for nearly 50 years. >> translator: currently, we have five tanks with a capacity of 3,000 cubic meters. one for processing and four for storage. and construction recently began for two tanks of 10,000 cubic meters. >> reporter: for decades, the population of the local village has been falling. there were no jobs. the oil field development prompted the population boom. it's also brought new infrastructure to the village. >> translator: the number of children has increased, and there are too many to enter our kindergarten. more people are getting married and having babies. we're seeing many new families. >> reporter: at one time, transport of the region's crude oil was handled in part by the trans-siberian railway. but by december of this year, there will be about 4,700 kilometers of pipeline directly connecting the oil fields to the port. more than doubling the export capaci
agreement between the palestinians and the u.s. so it would not upset the elections or play a part in the elections in the u.s. >> we just heard netanyahu's answer to abbas' speech, but he also had other things on his mind. >> a large part of the speech, as expected, was dedicated to iran and its nuclear capability. this speech will probably go down in the history of the un because he brought a picture of a bomb and explain exactly with this picture where the world, according to him, should draw the line. he was speaking about a red line. that is where the world would have to intervene to make sure that iran does not get the nuclear bomb. he said that would probably make iran back down. that is his conviction. drawing a red line, he says, is for peace, not for. -- not for war. benjamin netanyahu is a very good order, so he made a very compelling case. >> that was max hoffman speaking to us earlier outside the united nations. we will take a closer look at life outside the palestinian territories coming up later. >> now we look at european debt problems, and the spanish government ha
was dismissed as vice mayor. he fled to a u.s. consulate, and then investigators started to question him on allegations of corruption. that triggered a series of events that led to bo's downfall. bo is now under investigation for violating communist party discipline. bo's wife was given a suspended death sentence last month for murdering british businessman neil haywood. she say wang tried to cover up the involvement in the murder. >>> china is hinting at possible countermeasures against the japanese government's plan to purchase the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japanese officials said earlier that the gover a broad agreement to buy the eyelets from the owner to establish effective control in a peaceful manner. chinese foreign ministry spokesperson reiterated that the islands belonged to china. >> translator: japan is moving to nationalize the islands. this hurts the chinese people's feelings. >> hong said china is watching developments and will take necessary measures to defend it's sovereignty. >>> a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck off coast ka resta reeic. officials ish ued
officials want the abductions of their nationals by north korean agents in the 1970s and '80s on the agenda. they want to discuss repatriating the remains of japanese who have died in what is now north korea around the end of world war ii. and they hope security issues including nuclear and missile development will be up for discussion. back in japan, relatives of the abductees have followed it closely. >> translator: i don't notice to what extent the new leadership will accept japan's request to address the issue. i feel a mix of hope and concern. i want the japanese government to state clearly that japan will not establish diplomatic relations with north korea until the abductions issue is fully resolved. i expect the officials to negotiate the return of all abductees still held in north korea north korea. >>> we have seen what appears to be a slight thaw in relations between japan and north korea. earlier i talked with hirok hiroki ujima. hirokii. first they extend their talks but one day. what is your take on the past few days? >> i think the talks with fruitful for both companies. an o
it it was disgraceful the obama 's administration what -- not was to condemn attacks but sympathize with those who made the attacks. they quoted the obama administration saying the statement was not cleared by washington and does not reflect the views of the united states government. jack tapper recorded the same statement on abc news. they said romney's political faux pas was to hurt the pundit class without thinking seriously about the problems for american in the world. do you believe that? >> no. this is all more rum -- war room bluster. you have to attack. something happens and you attack right away. it's mindless. i do not think it will stick. >> earlier in the week, you said you would have told him to go and help. any second thoughts? >> no second thoughts. i believe the time when you gave completely vindicates what romney did. you said the statement was issued in the afternoon. they were silent about it. now with the drop, nothing, until romney said it was a disgrace, which it was. then all of a sudden the state department said it was not authorized. that was the only statement coming out of th
set ablaze in the capital and left can stand. a leader of hezbollah says the u.s. faces serious repercussions it allows the full video to be released. >> it was a rare appearance before the leader of hezbollah who has been in hiding since the 2006 war with israel. but he spoke to protesters rallying in beirut. he claimed recent demonstrations were the beginning of an uprising throughout the muslim world. he called for his followers to prevent the publication of " innocent of muslims" and said those responsible should be punished. >> of the united states is just using freedom of expression as an excuse. they need to understand publishing this film will have consequences. >> the controversy surrounding the low-budget film may have come just in time. his support for the long time has blocked ally assad angered many in the arab world. now he can claim to be a defender of the muslim faith. >> the german government is doing all it can to halt the film's public screening here. that decision has sparked a major confrontation with the opposition about censorship and free speech. >> it ce
. he fled the u.s. consulate and given permission that led to the toppling of julybo x -- of bo xilai. >> a taiwan-based company which assembles components for apple computers has closed one of its factories in northern china after a massive fight among its workers erupted at a company dormitory. >> around 2000 workers were involved. foxconn says the trouble started when a personal dispute got out of control. comments posted on the internet came -- claim that factory guards had severely beaten workers, which prompted a further escalation of violence. it is not clear how long this shutdown will last. we will check on the mood among german business leaders in just a minute. >> the mood is not very good. first, let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. >> flooding and landslides that killed at least 33 people in northeast india. heavy rain has caused rivers to overflow. more than 1 million people have had to flee their homes. authorities have sounded the alarm for the region. thousands of villages have been evacuated. >> chinese surveillance boats had sailed close t
economy. few expect that to happen. nhk world, new york. >> the drill u.s. forces are leading in the persian gulf. 34 nations are taking part. we went aboard a ship and japanese mine sweeper to bring us this first hand look. >> reporter: this u.s. navy support ship was built 41 years ago and was due to be decommissioned earlier this year. the vessel was used to land troops but has since been equipped for mind sweeping duties. it has been deployed in the region since june. the ship is at the center of the naval exercise which is aimed at the ability to keep shipping lanes open in the persian gulf. iran has threatened to choke off ship traffic passing through the strait of hormuz in the gulf. >> we are out how far? 80 miles from the iranian coast. >> reporter: speedboats play a key role in the persian gulf. crew members practiced firing warning shots while we were on board. in the drill scenario two suspicious vessels are ignoring warnings and coming closer. it's the largest ever held in the persian gulf. japan which depends heavily on middle eastern oil is among the 34 nations
ignore the warning of the rating agencies that it might lower its credit rating if the u.s. doesn't match to reduce its national debt. >> will have more on that warning it later in the show. let's get a closer look at the market numbers. the blue chips were higher on the day. over in new york, the dow jones industrial average is continuing the trend, up by 0.5%. the euro dollar is trading for $1.58. the spanish prime minister says he will not accept any more money from the european union if it means being told what spending cuts he has to make. >> in a television interview, he said he is not prepared to cut pensions. the european central bank said last week that they're willing to buy unlimited amounts of bonds to bring down the borrowing costs, but he says he will not ask for help until he knows with strings are attached. the greek prime minister has been in talks on the eurozone crisis. >> he was welcomed by mario draghi at the bank's headquarters. greece's trying to persuade foreign lenders to release the latest installment of financial aid to help avoid bankruptcy. in return, athens w
chairman of the u.s. nuclear regulatory association. the first meeting is scheduled for early next mow. spokespersons say they will use the recommendations to draw up an action plan by the end of the year. this will include reviewing safety measures and improving access to information. tepco president says a company qualified to operator a nuclear power plant has to take measures to prevent a possible accident. the turn around plan includes restarting a nuclear plant in central japan by next april at the earliest. residents of some communities are already voicing their opposition to that proposal. the accident prompted people in japan and abroad to scrutinize the nuclear industry and members of the cabinet finalized plans for a largely independent nuclear watch dog. the cabinet decided to inaugurate the watch dog on wednesday of next week. the commission will replace the nuclear and industrial safety agency. that agency is controlled by the economy, trade, and industry ministry which has promoted atomic energy. people criticized it after the accident for lacking independence. >> transl
going on at the paralympics. don't go away. >> thanks for staying with us. could u.s. president barack obama windup addressing the democratic national convention in a rain down stadium on thursday? >> those are the fears of organizers who say the president's speech aiming to uplift the voters in the economic uncertainty could be drowned out by power of thunderstorms in the forecast. >> come rain or shine in charlotte, n.c., delegates are getting ready to pull out all stops like they do every four years when it is time to render their approval. >> she is campaigning for the reelection of president barack obama. she is the field director for the local democratic headquarters in columbia mayor washington. she will be a delicate at the party convention in charlotte, n.c. >> it's such an honor to be chosen, to be able to go to the convention as a delegate, especially being so young. i decided to talk with different people there, all the people who have much more experience than myself and learning from them. >> it gives democrats from across the nation the chance to network and there are hi
redress their for passengers. thank you so very much. to the u.s. now where white house challenger mitt romney has been stumping in storm-ravaged new orleans to -- in a bid to burnish his presidential credentials ahead of the incumbent barack obama. >> the republican is seeking to build momentum by taking his campaign to the city where rescue crews are cleaning up after hurricane i sec released a torrential downpour. >> before hand, romney officially accepted the party nomination in florida. here is more about his focus on job creation. -- after hurricane is it -- isaac. >> it was the climax of a long journey and hard-fought primary campaign. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. am i in an emotional speech, romney highlighted his values as a family man, praising his wife and describe how she raised the couple's five sons. >> i had to travel a lot for my job then. i would call and try to offer support. but every mother knows that does not help get the homework done or get the kids out the door to school. i knew without question that her job as a mom was a lot m
population. a about 250 people gathered in front of the u.s. embassy in jakarta. authorities deployed 300 police officers to guard the compound. the rally ended after two hours without any major incident. anti-american rallies were also held in pakistan. demonstrations took place in the capital islamabad and the cities of karachi and peshawar. public anger against the united states is already strong in pakistan where u.s. air strikes targeting suspected militants regularly cause civilian casualties. >>> in egypt, several hundred demonstrators clashed with security forces near the u.s. embassy in cairo. police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. >> authorities remain on alert ahead of possible demonstrations after the friday prayers. >>> japan's prime minister wants to change how his citizens power their homes and businesses. yoshihiko noda unveiled his long-awaited energy policy. it calls for the country to phase out nuclear power in the coming decades. the plan reflects the feelings of many japanese following last year's accident at the fukushima plant. but big business says the policy
, much of the international community is focused on the conflict in syria. u.s. president barack obama in his address called for world leaders to end the regime of bashar al assad. >> the emir of qater, which is reportedly spending symbols -- emir of qatar, reportedly funding rebels, went so far as to say the regime should be taken down. russia and china indicated they have no intention of abandoning assad. >> the conflict in syria overshadowed every other topic at the opening of the general assembly in new york. the u.n. security council remains divided over sanctions against damascus, which have been blocked by syrian allies. u.n. secretary-general ban ki- moon renewed his call for sanctions against syria. >> this is a serious and growing international -- that to international security. >> he said the council could no longer turn a blind eye to syria where he said the conflict has claimed 27,000 lives. u.s. president barack obama also condemned the violence. >> in syria, the future must not belong to a dictator who massacres his people. if there is a cause that cries out for protest
to a day of rage. police used shipping containers to block the entrance to the u.s. embassy, but demonstrators still try to force their way in. they engaged officers in street battles and were met with batons and tear gas. pakistan's prime minister pleaded for calm earlier in the day but also expressed his understanding of the motives of the demonstrators. >> [inaudible] on the whole belief of 1.5 billion muslims. therefore, this is something that is unacceptable. >> ashraf called it the duty of a muslim to protest, but critics say he did not do enough to counter the violent message of islamist groups. yes to protest, no to violence -- if that was the message, it did not resonate. angry young men fought with police in islamabad's diplomatic district, where a number of western embassies are located. it took hours for the police to restore order. >> let's go live now to pakistan. the u.s. is running television spots in pakistan with secretary of state hillary clinton saying that the government had nothing to do with the film about mohammed. why is that not working to defuse th
. >>> a man who helped shape a u.s. foreign policy are asking both sides to take a step back. he was a senior advisor to george w. bush. we sat down to get his views on the situation. >> reporter: former deputy secretary richard is an expert on security issues in the asia pacific and the japan-u.s. alliance. his art is to bring calm to the situation. >> i think japan should do what japan can do to cool tempers, to explain to our public what's at stake here. i realize this is a difficult time for japan because of what will be impending elections but it's also difficult for china because of her impending power transfer, not elections. i think if that can be put in the minds of people clearly we'll have enough time to be able to resolve this in a reasonable way. >> the job of the u.s. is to keep the temperature cool. nay are actively working behind the scenes. >> i know the government of the united states is quietly talking japan and china. we have failed our growing relationship with china. >> amitage view reflects growing concern among american officials. the u.s. government remain a neutral s
with eight of the defendants giving life -- given life prison sentences. >> to the u.s., where the democrats are kicking off their convention today with the first speech by michelle obama, with the aim of breaking a deadlock with republicans. >> republicans are sharpening their attacks on president obama after he gave himself an incomplete grade for his management of the u.s. economy in his final rally before accepting the nomination. >> michelle obama is far more popular in the polls than her husband. the first lady is the democrats trump card in the president paused reelection campaign. she is working on the last touches to her speech before the democratic national convention kicks off. voters have cooled to the president and supporters hope she can that obama some much needed sympathy. >> he has been trying to do what he can do. the republicans have been trying to block success, they're blocking everybody's success. >> the important thing is that charlotte shows off its best face and put its best foot forward. >> do it,, do it, let's do it again. >> the obama camp knows it is a struggle t
the boat was carrying migrants from iraq and syria. u.s. president barack obama will tell his party and all of america to night why he should stay in the white house another four years. >> the president will take the stage, of course, at the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina. >> he will be following some of the biggest names his party has ever known, including a man named bill. >> democrats knew they were in for a treat as bill clinton took to the stage. he is a popular figure. many americans look back fondly to clinton's presidency in the 1990's as a time of low unemployment and a balanced budget. he said his democrat successor barack obama was on the right path. >> he inherited a deeply damaged economy. he put a floor under the crash. he began the long, hard road to recovery and laid the foundation for a modern, more well-balanced economy that will produce millions of good new jobs, vibrant new businesses, and lots of new wealth for innovators. >> in his 50-minute speech, clinton threw his full weight behind obama's campaign for a second term in office. >> you mu
. >> the u.s. ambassador in libya and three other american officials are killed during islamist protests in benghazi. >> in pakistan, nearly 300 people died in a blaze at a clothing factory. germany's top court has approved the eurozone bailout fund with some conditions. the ruling clears up a key hurdle toward resolving the eurozone debt crisis. >> in the landmark decision, the constitutional court overturn legal challenges aimed at preventing the european stability mechanism and the european this compact from becoming law. 37,000 people in germany joined the suit which challenged the constitutionality. >> the plaintiffs claim germany was fighting way to much of parliament's power over the budget. >> all eyes were on the german constitutional court as a judge is prepared to hand down their decision on european stability mechanism. those who filed the suit want to stop the esm's ratification. a high court struck down the injunction, clearing the way for the measure. but the judges set conditions, capping german liability at 190 billion euros and requiring the government must keep parliam
nation" magazine, "the 1% court," devoted entirely to the u.s. supreme court. it's one you'll not want to miss -- and not because it opens with an article jointly written by me and the historian bernard weisberger. our mission was simply to remind the reader of what's obvious. that because of the partisan gridlock paralyzing both president and congress, more than ever the court has become the most powerful branch of government, and the center of a controversy which may shape the fate of democracy for generations to come. with me to talk about this is "the nation" magazine's editor and publisher katrina vanden heuvel. she's a frequent presence on the talk news shows and a familiar byline in major publications. she has been one of those out in front, calling the president to task for orphaning his values and promises, as can be seen in her most recent book, "the change i believe in: fighting for progress in the age of obama." the prolific jamie raskin also joins us. one of the country's leading scholars on constitutional law, he teaches at american university and is a maryland state sena
measures. >>> let's check the markets now. u.s. stocks ended mixed. the dow jones industrial average declined .4% to 13,035 on weak manufacturing data. but the tech heavy nasdaq rose .3% to 3,075 and hopes apple shares could gain. and to see how the stocks are trading here in tokyo this wednesday we switch over to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. ramin, how are stocks kicking off today? >> very good morning to you. indeed, we had a mixed session in the u.s. come to the opening levels here in just a second. the dow of course faltering a touch on weak manufacturing data which showed a contraction in august for the lowest level in three years. but then again, we had the nasdaq trading higher on hopes, as you said there, for gains for apple on pending new line of products next week. we'll look forward to that. let's have a look at the opening levels, of course, here for the nikkei and the topix this wednesday. 8,740, down .4%. for the nikkei, 723. topix down the same amount. the nikkei closed slightly lower yesterday on profit taking following another up and down day. volatil
on this other story this week -- the german court that is handing down its decision on the esm. >> the court's's decision will not have a direct impact on the greek bailout -- the court's decision will not have a direct impact on the greek bailout. if the court rules that the bailout fund will go ahead, then the greeks will see that as a sign that european leaders want greece to stay in the e.u. it is against them, greece will see that the pot of money that is going to be available -- if it is against them, greece will see that the pot of money that is going to be available will be less. >> stocks in europe took a breather on monday after a big rally at the end of last week. our correspondent has more from frankfurt. >> people on the floor were nervous and optimistic at the same time. share prices went this way and that way. in the end, there was not much movement in the dax. at the same time, there was optimism -- optimism on the promise of a european central bank to buy lots of government bonds of countries. above all, the optimism, the hope that the csn would be given the go-ahead -- the esm
warrants belarus not to send negative s ignals. they are clear signs china is more comfortable than ever flexing economic and political muscle. >> at the european union-china summit in brussels, the chinese premier laid out two demands. he wants to -- he wants the european union to lift its embargo on trade. >> he says he wants them to look at the country as an economic equal, saying it is time for them to recognize china as a fully fledged market economy. >> they were all smiles, and indeed, the first part of the speech to the participants was cordial. but then came the criticism. >> i must be very frank in saying this -- we have been working hard on lifting the arms embargo and raising our trade status. a solution has been elusive. i deeply regret this. >> then, the live feed of wen's broadcast was cut off on the orders of the chinese delegation. an eu spokesman said he had ended his opening statement and had moved on to private negotiations. these discussions included china's efforts to help the eurozone deal with its debt crisis. wen said the eu needs to do more to implement measures
a state forest preserve, in the 1940s. >> the solution is to have the land that was taken by the federal government returned to the people of new york state, and that can only be done by removing the rails and going to court. >> this project has yet to be derailed by lawsuits, and ellis sees more opportunities across the nation. >> this is something that's just gonna continue to grow over the next decade. >> for "teen kids news," i'm molly line, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> this is a red, white, and blue edition of "teen kids news," so for our "speak of the week," we asked you to tell us what makes you proud to be an american. >> america -- you have a lot of opportunities, and we have freedoms that other countries don't have, so it's just nice to be able to be say what you want and do what you want and have the opportunity to, like, succeed in your career or whatever you choose to do >> i mean, the fact that people come from all over the world to this country for an opportunity is amazing. >> i'm proud to be an american because this is a free country and everyone has rights an
body politic and that is the scourge of legalized gambling. >> but by the mid-1990s, after leaving the christian coalition, reed had set up his own political consulting firm. he sent an email to his old friend abramoff, who was now known on k street as "casino jack." this is what reed wrote. >> "hey, now that i'm done with electoral politics, i need to start humping in corporate accounts! i'm counting on you to help me with some contacts." >> abramoff came through. he and reed teamed up in a campaign to protect the choctaw casino against competition from other tribes. the scheme called for reed to organize his fellow christians to oppose new casinos on moral grounds -- without ever telling them that his own client "casino jack" was in the gambling business, too. emails between them make clear where the money came from. when reid pushed for a green light to organize christians in alabama against gambling, abramoff said approval would first have to come from the choctaw, and demanded. >> get me invoices as soon as possible so i can get choctaw to get us checks asapp. >> reed wrote ba
september 19th, next wednesday. we'll keep track of that. u.s. credit rating agency downgraded the rating of panasonic. we'll see how that affects the prices as well. >> where do we stand this tuesday? >> a big focus there. let's have a look at some of the pairs, dollar/yen and euro/yen. the dollar did lose a little ground. we're seeing that. euro/yen 99 to 88. the euro weakening there. it was trading around the 100 yen levels. that was on the back of news that the european central bank will step in and buy some bonds. a little bit of yen strength there. we'll see how we trade for the rest of the day. back to you. >> thanks. that is all for me for now. i'll leave you with the market figures. >>> the new u.n.arab league says he will place stop priority on stopping the blood shed in the country. he's expected to meet damascus to meet president bashar assad in a few days. he met the secretary general in cairo on monday ahead of his planned trip to syria. after the meeting he said that some 5,000 were killed in august alone. >> translator: the dangerous situation in syria will leave the whole
struck in western cluster rica. the atmosphere was 80 kilometers. the u.s. geological survey has issued a tsunami warning. local television stations showed images of shaking buildings. power was cut in some parts of the capital, san jose. then, there have been no reports of damage of casualties so far. we're joined by our correspondent from san jose. can you update us on the situation on the ground at the moment? >> yes, of course, thank you. authorities are calling on the population to remain calm. the only death was a 52-year-old woman who suffered a heart attack. because of a nervous crisis that led to her death. also, there were several people injured because of falling objects in their houses. we also have two main road collapses. the authorities are trying to remove buildings from landslides in the country. this is the main tourist province of our country. >> considering that it was a 7.6 quake, which is quite serious, it does seem that coaster rica -- costa rica seems to have gotten off fairly lightly. >> it seems to be our seismic code for buildings is very strong. our regulatio
at offshore rigs, causing long lines at gas stations with people filling up their cars and generators. the u.s. anti-doping agency stripping lance armstrong of his record seven tour de france titles and banning him from the sport for life, charging that armstrong's wins, which made him a global sports icon following his battle against cancer, were aided by banned substances including steroids and blood doping. armstrong giving up his years-long fight against the charges, calling the investigation "an unconstitutional witch hunt." but he is maintaining his innocence. >> that's one small step for a man... one giant leap for mankind. >> u.s. astronaut neil armstrong, the first man on the moon, has died at the age of 82. armstrong commanded the apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon july 20, 1969 -- the moonwalk marking america's victory in the cold war space race. an estimated 600 million people watched and listened to the moon landing. only 12 american astronauts have walked on the moon between 1969 and the last moon mission in 1972. for "teen kids news," i'm laura ingle, "fox news channel
little positive to say about the u.n.'s role in syria. they're frustrated by gridlock in the council and in the wider un. >> the fact is that so far, everybody has failed, from the secretary-general to security council. >> that view is shared by many people outside the un. with the crisis in syria deepening, faith in the united nations is being put to the test. >> the un, of course, has been involved in dozens of peacekeeping operations of the past half century, and the global community is at the moment very divided on how to proceed on syria. >> the un record on interventions is mixed. while some missions have been successful, there are other painful memories of times when the u.n. failed to act on its peacekeepers failed to protect those most at risk -- or its peacekeepers failed to protect those most at risk. >> a genocide unfolds before the eyes of the world. bosnia one year later. thousands are massacred. u.n. peacekeepers do not intervene here either. syria 2012. president bashar al assad orders his army to bomb civilians, and once again, the u.n. security council fails to prot
of wrangling deployment of a fleet of u.s. aircraft is about to take place. defense ministry officials say that 12 osprey will be deployed to the u.s. marine corps in okinawa prefecture as early as friday. ahead of the deployment, officials from local municipalities were offered a test ride on the aircraft to ease their concerns. but few have accepted the offer. the test ride will take place on thursday at the air station in yamaguchi prefecture. the fleet of 12 osprey is currently undergoing atmosphere tests at the base ahead of deployment. but 19 of the 22 invited municipalities told nhk they have rejected the offer. the officials say they have other commitments. in the city where the aircraft will be deployed officials have declined the offer. they say they don't want to give the impression that they now think the aircraft is safe. officials from three municipalities say they will take the test flight. >>> people in japan's northeast are focused on overcoming the challenges of the 2011 disaster but it won't be easy. they have to rebuild homes, businesses, entire communities. we'll show
the revelation of a cover-up of over one-billion-euro investment losses stretching back to the 1990's. >> it will take a full two years before the european automotive sector experiences a rebound. that is the word from ceo's at the paris auto show. >> carmakers dealing with economic gloom and weak demand in the consumer sector. they say more plant shutdowns and layoffs are inevitable. >> customers remain hesitant, but manufacturers are rolling out exciting new models. >> the peugot onyx is being called the super car. its hybrid engine generates 600 horsepower, but for everyday use, the new 2 08 might be more suitable. peugeot hopes the car will be a moneymaker. they fail to look beyond european markets for too long. >> we have been growing in terms of international market share, so a few years ago, we had 30% of our products out of europe. now we have more than 50% of our sales. we have two strategy products that will be launching in international markets. this is the way we are diversifying, and we are reacting in order to fight to get better results. >> right now, it is doing better
carolina. you have governors and a few young senators, all in their 40's, representing the future of the party, although ideologically, they are more conservative. they are more reagan-ite, so you have historically a return but a new generation emerging. in which romney in many ways is the anomaly. >> the republican party today is 89% white. they are increasingly white in a nation that is decreasing the white. they elect short when ronald reagan was elected with 86% white. 74% white when john mccann lost and it may be 72% white in 2012. the parti's inability to reach with any message to latinos is a serious problem for the republican party going forward. >> charles says marc poser response to that is the classic liberal response in which he breaks the party down into ethnic personages -- mark's response. at the beginning of the broadcast, recall we prayed a -- played a brief clip of jeb bush who said republicans need to be more respective of voters they are trying to attract. do you think that means more respectful of hispanics? >> i do not see a way to avoid that conclusion. what
bank announcement to buy bonds and the fed's decision to help the u.s. economy until it shows a real improvement field risk appetite. this leads to profit-taking. even better than expected economic news could not improve the mood here. sentiment improved for the first time in four months, but the market is not driven by that. the german dax is down 0.6%. the dow jones, barely unchanged, but the bureau is under pressure. >> thank you. >> one of europe's most important route -- most important museums, the louvre and paris, has an entire wing dedicated to islamic art. >> the french president used the occasion to denounce muslims who destroyed ancient shrines. he says islam is more tolerant than the extremists to climb to speak for it. >> the museum on thousands of cultural treasures from the islamic world which will not be on display for the public. >> the new islamic wing of the world famous museum was officially opened by the french president. islamic art works from the islamic world that have been collected over hundreds of years have their own building on the grounds. it's enough sp
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